Midwest karateka & Tsutomu Ohshima at Ohshima Dojo
Midwest karateka & Tsutomu Ohshima at Ohshima Dojo

Registration and Dojo Dues

Members of UNL Shotokan practice all year-round. We welcome new karateka (students) to join any time. Karate-do is for everyone. People of every sex, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status are encouraged to practice.

Dojo dues are $20 per month. Karateka may register and pay at practice.

We make dojo dues affordable to make practice accessible to all. Our instructors, with many years of experience and black belt ranks given by some of the highest ranking seniors in SKA, keep no dues for personal use or gain. Instead they choose to help support the effort to continue educating people about the traditional martial art they have grown to respect and appreciate through donations to SKA.

Collected dues are also used to host fun private events for members to extend the bonds formed through serious practice outside the dojo, bring seniors from other SKA dojos to visit and lead special practices, and pay for space at events on campus.

Practice Schedule

Please see the schedule on our new web site: Karate Class Schedule
Or view the calendar by itself: University of Nebraska Lincoln Shotokan Karate Club Calendar