Juniors bowing to their seniors after Kumite practice
Juniors bowing to their seniors after Kumite practice

SKA Ranking

After practicing for a time, one will be encouraged to become an official member of SKA and may test for rank. SKA rank is an assessment of an individual's proficiency in practicing the art of karate-do as taught by our seniors.

Belt Rank
Black Godan (5th Dan)
Yodan (4th Dan)
Sandan (3rd Dan)
Nidan (2nd Dan)
Shodan (1st Dan)
Brown Ikkyu (1st Kyu)
Nikyu (2nd Kyu)
Sankyu (3rd Kyu)
White Yonkyu (4th Kyu)
Gokyu (5th Kyu)
Rokkyu (6th Kyu)
Shichikyu (7th Kyu)
Hachikyu (8th Kyu)

Karateka strive to exhibit a strong, honest mentality inside and outside the dojo. When they do so, others can see and feel they are individuals of the highest caliber regardless of the color of their belts.

Rank should not be thought of as a scale with which to compare karateka, but an honest evaluation of each individual's realization of his or her potential. After earning rank from seniors, one must continue to practice karate hard and maintain he or she truly deserves that rank and the honor of representing those seniors.